Why is the Myrtle Beach Dude Wearing the FairfaxShurfShop Logo?

As I was going to the beach the other day somebody asked me why I was wearing the logo for Fairfax Surf Shop on my shirt as they are several hundreds of miles away.

I could have pointed out that they will sell you boards and such over the internet and have their droneboards surf it to your local beach. I could have told them that I stole the shirt from some kid from Virginia who was using it as a pillow whilst passing out. I could have told them a lot of things, but this is what I told them:

On the Beach – Surf Bocci!

Flyboys and Spring Break

The Bus

Saw a great movie last night!
VW Bus If you’ve ever owned a bus you know how special this vehicle is. I’m not talking school bus (although I did ride to school in one) I’m talking the VW Bus, Transporter, Vanagon – for you latecomers, or any incarnation of it. I had a 69 hardtop and a 74 fuel injected Westfalia (luggage area in the front, roof slanted down to the back). Even thought it’s been many years since I’ve sat in ahead of the front wheels, I still think of those things with fondness.

So if you’ve ever owned one (and spent time under it, thumbing through “How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive”), or if you’ve wanted to go through a winter without heat, check out this movie!

Whiskey for my men – Beer for my horses

It’s kinda goofy but a great dude song:

Chesty Fest enters it’s second week!

The second week of Chesty Fest started today! If you haven’t registered yet, send 100 buck via paypal to It’s not too late!

Invisible Gravel

Young Wandy

At an early age Wanderlei Silva started training:

Chick Can’t Sleep

Reddd Robins

For some unknown reason, every robin in America stopped in my back yard for a snack. It went on for about two hours then they all left.