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St Patrick’s Day Movies

March 16, 2009 Staff 0

Although many Parades were held this past Saturday. Tomorrow is St.Patrick’s Day.I like to celebrate my Irish Heritage with a wee bit of fillum. Here’s […]

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Laying down the Law!

December 22, 2008 Staff 0

Tonight I brought the boy into the kitchen and looked him in the eye, “I don’t want any backtalk. I don’t want any argument. I […]

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Does anybody know?

December 19, 2008 Staff 0

I remember a movie that had a soliloquy similar to this: In my short and merry life I have loved many. (crowd murmurs) But once, […]

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Jury Duty Case 1

December 14, 2008 Staff 0

I know everybody is on edge to hear the results of the cases I so judiciously jury-fied this past week. The Independent Republic of Horry […]

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Brian’s Dinghy Trip

September 7, 2008 Staff 0

Today we relive Brian’s dinghy expedition! It’s day 12 – we have sailed from Cooper Island to Leverick Bay on Virgin Gorda. The crew has […]

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hot Rod

December 3, 2007 Staff 0

I loved this in the theater and had to have it when it came out on DVD. Andy Samberg is just plain funny and his […]