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Thug Diaries

March 11, 2017 Staff 0

Thug Rose Namajunas and Pat Barry are without a doubt a couple of very interesting people. These power punching cage fighters are always doing something […]

It’s Genki Sudo Time!!!

June 16, 2016 Staff 0

We live in a society that is filled with celebrities. Many of which have no discernible talent or skill.  They simply “got famous”.  Some were […]

The Old High Horse

August 17, 2015 Staff 0

I remember when old Jake (who was tired of my Dad trying to get him off the sauce) told My Dad to “get down off […]

Dog Chili

May 29, 2010 Staff 0

I was getting tired of Chilidogs so yesterday I made Dog Chili!

Leave it to the russians

September 17, 2009 Staff 0

No bungees for these Dudes to try and kill themselves – just regular climbing rope. You have to give them Credit for taking care of […]