It’s Genki Sudo Time!!!

We live in a society that is filled with celebrities. Many of which have no discernible talent or skill.  They simply “got famous”.  Some were born to famous parents, some achieved their “celebrity status” on a “reality” TV show. Some just woke up famous from a bad decision.

Japanese phenom Genki Sudo is not like that.  He is more than a celebrity.  He’s a Fighter that sings. A Composer that slugs.  Baseball player and philosopher. Warrior and peace advocate.

He became a superstar in Japan through Wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts and even beat a 400lb man while he weighs only 150.  And not just any fat lardbutt – Butterbean, a world championship boxer!

After he pretty much beat everybody at his weight, he retired from MMA and started a band.  Not one of those “celebrity bands” like the daughters of rock stars or girlfriends of millionaires are in, but a genuinely good band that made beautiful music and fascinating videos to go with them.

The music is techno; but not that infuriating, ecstasy-fueled, over-over-repetitive garbage your kids are raving to all night.  It’s light and happy and, even though the lyrics are in Japanese leaves you feeling like hugging your landlord.

Oh – one line from one song is in English – “have a nice day”.

The videos that World Order, Genki’s band made are simply euphorious.  The highly choreographed robot dances are mesmerizing and usually performed in public places, celebrating the crowded life that Japanese city folk live.  Many scenes feature passersby laughing and pointing or simply recording on their smart phones.

Even when they film in New York or Mexico City, where virtually no one knows who they are they turn heads.  People just love watching.

Genki Sudo is truly one of a kind. From his pre-fight walk-in extravaganzas to his Asimo-inspired movements, he will make you smile.



You can’t even say “Genki Sudo” without smiling.  Go ahead I dare you.  And have a nice day!