Good Old Fashioned Killing!

Let me say from the git-go that I ain’t got nuttin agin them young’ns havin’ their wizard fests and goblin huntin’s.

But fer Cryin’ out loud – Grown men need to stop it!
There ain’t nuttin’ wrong with the ladies havin’ their imaginary farms and pretend crime sprees.

But, for the love of Mike – Full Growed men need to stop it!
Once you move out of yer mommy’s house you need to quit all them baby games and act right. If’n yer still a’leechin’ off’n yer folks, well I guess that’s their problem fer not launchin’ yer butt out the window. But if you have yer own place and yer still mining hallucinatory ores, Cut that crap out!

Real men don’t waste their lives on silly little space missions and mythological dates with fictional females in “virtual worlds”


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