A movie that caught me by surprise

The Condemned Starring “stone cold” Steve Austin
– I thought it was gonna be the 6 Million Dollar Man, but he turned out to be some pro wrestler dude.
So it’s similar to the Ray Liotta movie where they are prisoners on a deserted island and they’re all gonna get killed so let’s just start shooting and blowing stuff up, BUT – and here’s the catch: They also knife people and whack ’em with sticks and stuff! – Pretty cool, huh?

An added bonus is that some innerweb hotshot (who wants to cash in on these bad-ass killer dudes killin’ each other on pay per view) pisses off StoneColdSteveAustin (that’s how you’re supposed to say his name – like really fast) So now he’s out to get the whole dang TV crew and the innerweb dude that started the whole thing.

hmmmm… What will happen?

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